Invitation from
Ambassador Waleed Shamsid-Deen

Special Envoy, Trade and Investment

We have an innate responsibility to connect with the continent. Our time is now. There is no need for procrastination, excuses, delays or deterrents, we have to mend global relationships and connect with our brothers and sisters abroad for the good of humanity. The solution to our financial instabilities lies within the resources on the continent.  The resources needed to build and sustain our institutions lies within the continent. The solution to provide infrastructure improvements and to provide the industry needed for our brothers on the continent all lies within the continent.  

There is a global movement to harness the collective resources of the diaspora for reinvestment both domestically and abroad. Additionally there is a continental movement to create innovation and entrepreneurship for African sustainability. 

Business is the final frontier. Let’s pool our resources, create platforms and opportunities to harness the collective diaspora community for investment, trade and commerce on the continent. 

We have the financial resources, we have the Human Resources, we have the intellectual capacity. It’s time for implementation. The time for talk is over. 

The audacity for change is upon us. The future of our dignified existence depends on us. 

As special envoy for His Excellency, President Julius Maada Bio with the mandate for trade and investment I invite you to join me, Ambassador Waleed Shamsid-Deen, for a 9 day, 2 country intense business conference in west Africa. With the objective to connect African American Muslim business owners with “real” business opportunities in Sierra Leone and Senegal. 

Let us inspire one another as we impact global change for people of color.