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Attorney Musa Dan-Fodio

Topic:  International Business Planning

Musa Dan-Fodio is an attorney and serves as Chief Litigator for The Dan-Fodio Law Group, PC. He heads the firm’s international human rights, public interest, civil and criminal litigation matters. As an experienced trial lawyer and former Managing Attorney at Hyatt Legal Services, he has successfully represented over 90% of the case types which concern national minorities, refugees and indigenous communities. By using international legal standards, he advises clients on how to empower themselves by incorporating such standards into the administration of justice in international, federal and state court disputes.  

Dr. Dan-Fodio serves as Chaplain to Muslim and non-Muslim students at the Atlanta University Center (AUC), Council of Chaplains.  Dr. Dan-Fodio serves as a Legal Consultant for the International Human Rights Association of American Minorities (IHRAAM), a NGO in consultative status with the United Nations. He served as a speaker at the First International Conference on the Right To Self-Determination and the United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland; a delegate to the United Nations World Conference Against Racism, Durban, South Africa; and a moderator at the Chicago Conference 2012: “From Civil Rights to Human Rights.” He was a presenter at the National Endowment for The Humanities sponsored conference on “Islamic West Africa’s Legacy Of Literacy & Music To America and The World” where he presented two papers entitled (1) “Scholars of Peace: A Pathway to Alternative Dispute Resolution For African-Americans” and (2) “Globalization of the Reparations Movement and The Ancient African Manuscripts.” Dr. Dan-Fodio co- sponsored the Continuing Legal Education seminar entitled: “International Human Rights: What Judges, Prosecutors, and Lawyers Need To Know.” He served as a presenter at the New Horizon Conference: “On the Brink” in Tehran, Iran where he presented a paper entitled “African- American Declaration of Self-Determination.” (1998-present) 

Dr. Dan-Fodio is the President of First Nations Trust Corporation, where he manages its business development operations and coordinates the company’s affiliated wealth management entities. He serves as Corporate Legal Counsel for Onyx Equity Traders Inc., the nation’s fastest growing “Remote Proprietary Options Trading Firm.” He provides legal representation to the corporation and its employees by offering advice on issues like contracts, property interests, negotiations, litigation and other legal proceedings. (2012 - Present)

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